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Bridges to Success: 

A Virtual Learning Adventure with Linda Parelli 

May 29-June 7, 2020

Have you ever wanted to participate in a clinic with Linda but were stopped by the costs of traveling, work restrictions or a global pandemic canceling the one you were signed up for? Well… read on because you are invited to participate in the first ever online, interactive clinic with Linda Parelli.

Welcome to Bridges to Success: A Virtual Learning Adventure with Linda Parelli 

Message from Linda 


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Questions you may have: 

What is an online interactive clinic? 
For one, it’s all online so you can participate from the comfort of home. 


The interactive piece involves: 
1. An exclusive Bridges to Success online portal.

The portal includes: 
Videos: Exclusive videos filmed just for this clinic. The videos will involve education on a variety of topics, including (but not limited to) 


- Helping your horse deal with adrenaline

- Knowing the Goal and Playing the Game- new insights into playing and winning the 7 Games

- Becoming the leader your horse needs

- Strategies for better riding (posture, balance, contact)

- Horsenality Insights and more

These videos will involve Linda sharing information through demos from the Parelli Center in Florida as well as with virtual coaching sessions with students in Washington State.  

Bridges to Success Task List- this will be a list of tasks for you to try out with your horse and practice throughout the clinic. You’ll be able to get support for issues you might run up against and share with others along the way (more on this later).

Bridges to Success Guidebook with information to enhance your learning experience. 

2. Live Classroom Sessions with Linda where you’ll get to ask her questions about your own experiences with your horse/s and hear insights she shares with others. These sessions will be recorded so if you aren’t able to attend the live event, you’ll be able to watch them later OR if you were able to attend but want to rewatch them- you can! 

3. Connect with other clinic participants in our private Bridges to Success Facebook Group. This will be a private group so only people in the clinic will be able to see the posts. This will be a great place to share how things are going, ask questions and support each other. Now more than ever, connecting with others can be a game changer. The Facebook group will be facilitated by me, 3* Molly Sanders, your host for the clinic. If there are questions that would be better answered by Linda, I’ll either check with her and get you an answer or we can add them to the list of questions to ask during one of our 3 live classroom sessions. 


A few other things you might be wondering about… 

When will this take place? 
May 29-June 7:  Ten days!!!

This online learning adventure will begin Friday, May 29th when the “keys to the castle” (aka access to the portal) will come your way. A welcome video will await you with more information about what to expect, how to get the most out of the experience and a special message from Linda. Then you can either dive in deeper and get into the educational videos OR the cool thing about the portal is it allows a lot of flexibility- if your work, family or horse schedule won’t allow you much time on Friday, you can dig in the next day. The schedule for this course will allow you to go at your own pace (for the most part).

The experience will continue until Sunday, June 7th. This is when the interactive part of the course will finish BUT you will still have full access to the portal for an additional 7 days until June 14th!   Watch and rewatch any of the content you wish. (Note: The Facebook Group will be archived on June 7, which means that you won’t be able to post anymore but any information that was previously posted can still be revisited by searching or scrolling.) 

How much does it cost? 
It kind of blows my mind to share this… wait for it… 
just $99!! 
The travel to a clinic alone would blow that price out of the water… even if you’re just auditing. And all of us get to be participants with our horses in this event- from home. No stress on your horses with traveling, no stress on you- you can stay in your pajamas for the whole thing, if you choose 😆 Am I the only one who’s put my boots on over pajamas and played with my horse? Maybe TMI…

Do I need to be a certain level to join in? 
All levels will have a lot to learn in this course. The tasks will be adapted for Levels 1-2 and 3-4 

Which Savvies will be represented? 
We’ll play in all 4 savvies but you aren’t required to. It will be easy to adjust the tasks to fit you and your horse.  

Do I need good internet to participate? 
If you can watch YouTube videos- you’ll be good to go. 

Ready to sign up? 
Scroll a bit further and you'll see the place to do it

Need more information? 
Email me your questions at

Who could have imagined we’d be doing a course like this with Linda?  Get ready, its going to be an awesome 10 days of teaching, coaching, growing, support and adventure, delivered in bite-sized pieces.

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