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What customers say...

"I have been a passionate student of Parelli Natural Horsemanship for 10 years.  This summer I was fortunate to be able to study with Molly Sanders over the course of several months in Colorado.  Molly recognized the behaviors my horses were exhibiting, and the reasons for those behaviors.  I had been struggling with one mare being bracey, and my other mare rushing into upward gaits.  Molly was able to immediately understand why my horses were demonstrating these behaviors, and help me to help my horses.  Molly helped me to understand the difference between “doing the seven games”, and assessing my horses to find out what they need to help them to improve.  Her help has been invaluable for developing my horses, and thinking through how to overcome problems.  She taught me how to plan my sessions, and to have an image of what to reward.  Molly has a wonderful teaching style, and is a pleasure to learn from.  I strongly encourage anyone who is interested in improving their horsemanship to take the opportunity to learn from Molly."
Deb C- Parker, CO


"I have private lessons with Molly and she is amazing!  Molly is nothing if not professional.  She's flexible in her scheduling and communicates schedule changes if needed.  She is responsive and will usually return emails within a day. Since Molly moved out of state, I have used her video coaching with great success.  Molly is observant and stays focused throughout lessons.  I appreciate that she always gives me and my horse 100% of her attention and doesn't get distracted by bystanders or allow phone interruptions.  I felt like I was doing well in my horsemanship before I met Molly, but since taking lessons with her, my horsemanship has skyrocketed.  On top of all of this, Molly has been generous to me and has always displayed an unusual amount of selflessness.  I respect her so much and consider her more than a teacher but a friend and mentor as well."

Diana K- Boulder, CO


"Wow, where do I start. Molly is awesome and so happy to have her in our area. Started going to lesson/series/clinic anytime I had a chance. I have brought a percheron gelding to have her help me with him. All this time I've had Jackson I thought he was a RBE only to find out he is really a RBI. Through the series and group lessons I have learned to help my RBI at his learning level, not mine. My husband calls me Turbo because I want to do things too fast. Well I've had to change a bit to help my horse and Molly along with Amy have given me ways to do this. Looking so forward to the Spring already. Planning on many more lessons and adding another horse in the mix. Thank you Molly for your time and ideas..."
Judy S- Elk, WA


"I have just started learning from Molly. I am so happy to have her in our area. She makes learning fun and is quick to follow up with review and homework after our lessons. She is always more than willing to answer questions by e-mail or phone. I am taking a group lesson series with her and I am impressed with her ability to meet all of us where we are. Since we are all in different places with different horses, it must be a challenge. I am really looking forward to making significant progress with my Magic this summer, with Molly's help."

Sheri T- Spokane, WA


"Nettie and I took lessons from Molly through this winter. She has excellent teaching skills, extremely patience, very flexible if weather was bad and gave 150% of herself to help us through periods of confusion. She has helped me understand my mule much better. Molly has not seen the last of me because I wish to continue working with her in the near future. Thanks Molly for all your help."

Vicki G- Deer Park, WA


"Molly was one of my teachers at my Fast Track course at the Parelli center- she was actually my favorite teacher as she was so patient, approachable, articulate, kind, and gentle in her approach. She has excellent communication skills, is warm and friendly and I always felt I could come to her with any question or confusion and that she really listened to me.

When she came thru Bellingham last year I was overjoyed to take a private lesson from her- being with and learning from Molly is like a breath of fresh air. Her smile and enthusiasm and passion for Parelli radiates out and touches my heart and soul. Her desire to help and empower her students shines as brightly as summer sunshine."

Ella W- Bellingham, WA


"Thank you again for today! You are an amazing person and my favorite instructor! You get Sunny and me! I really do enjoy the place Sunny and I are at with our relationship! And truly that is due to your instruction. Sunny and I are blessed to have you in our lives!"

Vicki D- Lake Tapps, WA

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