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Shine a Light Productions

In 2020, out of the cloud that was COVID-19, an opportunity presented itself... Creating and hosting virtual events for Linda Parelli. The 2 clinics we put together were a dream come true for me. Working with a horsewoman I had great admiration for AND collaborating with her to present a way for horse lovers all over the world to learn together was such a gift. This "experiment" led me to a whole new chapter in my professional life- creating and hosting virtual events.

Shine a Light Productions was born and the fabulous David Lichman was my first clinician to join in. I'm so grateful to him for taking the leap and collaborating with me to share a 3 week learning adventure called the Heart of Liberty (which will be coming your way again in Oct 2021).

The goal of Shine a Light is to bring amazing horse women and men to you in the comfort of your home through engaging, interactive virtual events. Supporting you on your horsemanship journey remains a passion of mine and I'm thrilled that I get to continue doing this with Shine a Light. 

Learn more about upcoming events here

There is also a blog and soon to be a podcast bringing you weekly inspiration. If you aren't already signed up for the weekly newsletter- you can sign up here

“When life’s road has pot holes and speed bumps… It makes you a better driver.” -unknown

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