Saddle Fitting Savvy

with Letitia Glenn


Letitia and her husband Art, founded Parelli Saddles in 2001. Since then, Letitia has dedicated her life to finding the healthiest solutions for horses and riders. She travels the world sharing what she's learned and continues to learn with each horse she comes into contact with. In this workshop, you'll learn what to look for to see if a saddle is impairing your horse's movement and comfort, how to fit your saddle so your horse can move freely and comfortably and how to shim so that you and your horse are comfortable

2 Days are available.

There will be 5 horses to learn from each day with a variety of shapes and saddle fitting challenges. 

Day 1 will be in Enumclaw, WA from 9:30-5:00 (Pacific Time). The in-person participation is full but you can join in virtually from the comfort of your own home for this one. If you aren't able to attend at the scheduled time, a recording will be available for 3 weeks after the event. You will be able to ask questions virtually through a typed chat feature.

Day 2 will be in Eatonville, WA from 9:30-5:00.  Spots are available in person for this event. No virtual option available for Day 2.

Get your tickets here: 

Day 1- Enumclaw (virtual is the only option currently available for this day. In-person attendance is available for Day 2)

Day 2- Eatonville, WA

9:30-5:00 with lunch break

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