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My Story...

Teaching has been a passion of mine most of my adult life. In 1996 I graduated from WWU in Bellingham, WA with a BA in Education, 2 years later I earned a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction. I taught in a variety of programs with a wide range of ages for the next 12 years. I loved the challenge teaching presented. In 2005, my passion for horses and for teaching collided during a demonstration of horsemanship in Yakima, WA that fit what I'd always wanted to do with horses. I was sitting in the stands at a Parelli Tour Stop - it was the first time I'd seen Pat and Linda Parelli and I knew my future would change. And change it did.  


Four years later in 2009, I was on my way to Ocala, Florida where I planned to spend my summer in an externship at the Parelli Campus. Two months later, I had quit my teaching job and dedicated myself full time to the pursuit of excellence in horsemanship and becoming a professional in the Parelli program. 

Then came 2020... a year of challenge and change for all of us. I was supposed to host a clinic with Linda Parelli in my hometown of Washington State. Covid threw a banana peel on that path and thanks to Linda's sense of adventure and her passion for sharing her knowledge, we were able to pivot and offer a virtual event. I'd been playing around with offering virtual events for about a year before this, but nothing on the scale we were talking about. We took a huge risk and it was a big success. 

Designing, producing and facilitating virtual events became my new full time job. 

The summer of 2020 presented a new challenge when I realized that my values and Pat's were no longer aligned. With a broken heart, I resigned as a Parelli Professional. 

The dream I'd had for well over a decade was coming to a close. A new one had already taken shape and I jumped into a new venture that my husband, Brett and I titled: Shine a Light Productions. 

I've now dedicated my time and heart to shining a light on a variety of excellent horsemen and women, bringing their expertise to you through virtual learning. I've also started a blog and podcast (coming soon) with the goal of supporting you on your horsemanship journey with inspirational and educational content. 

I am so grateful for all of the people I've been so lucky to learn from and with AND I look forward to meeting many more as the journey continues. 

I'd LOVE for you to check out my new site: Shine a Light Productions and I hope we get to travel along this road of striving for excellence, together. 

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