My Story...

Teaching has been a passion of mine most of my adult life. In 1996 I graduated from WWU in Bellingham, WA with a BA in Education, 2 years later I earned a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction. I taught in a variety of programs with a wide range of ages for the next 12 years. I loved the challenge teaching presented. In 2005, my passion for horses and for teaching collided during a demonstration of horsemanship in Yakima, WA that fit what I'd always wanted to do with horses. I was sitting in the stands at a Parelli Tour Stop - it was the first time I'd seen Pat and Linda Parelli and I knew my future would change. And change it did.  


Four years later in 2009, I was on my way to Ocala, Florida where I planned to spend my summer in an externship at the Parelli Campus. Two months later, I had quit my teaching job and dedicated myself full time to the pursuit of excellence in horsemanship and becoming a professional in the Parelli program.


In the years since that summer, my husband Brett and I have participated in just about every area you could within the Parelli organization. I've worked directly with Pat and Linda, helped teach courses on the ranch, filmed DVDs as a part of the media team, worked to develop the eLearning program on Parelli Connect, and through all of the experiences had my horsemanship study at the forefront.


I've had the privilege to study with both Pat and Linda, as well as Amy and Nate Bowers, Kaffa Martignier, Neil Pye, Berin MacFarlane, John and Kathy Baar, and Rob McAuliffe to name a few.


The last 4+ years have been a gift. I've learned so much and am passionate about sharing my knowledge with others. Brett and I have moved home to Washington state, recently to the Graham area. I teach regularly in Graham, Enumclaw, Auburn and Tacoma and neighboring areas. I'll also be traveling regularly to Spokane. I'm currently a 3 star instructor, which allows me to teach all facets of the program. I would love the opportunity to help you on your journey!  


If you'd like to learn more about the Parelli program and what it can do for you and your horse, click here. Parelli has also put together a wealth of learning and support in the form of a membership- it's a fantastic way to go through the program! Tons of videos and articles as well as a forum to connect with other members. Learn more about the Parelli Savvy Club.

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Molly Sanders - 3 Star Parelli Instructor