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Weekly Checklist

Videos for Week 1

Using the Savvy Club:

Learn how the Savvy Club can help boost your progress in our 12 weeks together

Levels Lesson Guide:

An awesome new tool available on the Savvy Club

A Clear Plan for Your Practice:

Learn how to use the checklists to plan out your practice sessions

Documents for Week 1

Self Assessment Checklists

Additional Documents

Beginnings, Middles and Ends Article

*note- this is an excerpt from the old blue pack- written for folks entering Level 2 but it's an excellent article for all levels

Links for Week 1

Welcome to Levels Up!

Program goals and what's in it for you

Self Assessment Checklists:

What they are, how to fill them out and how they can help you determine which level to audition for

Success Tips:

How to get the most out of the program