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Levels Up Resource Library

The Resource Library houses all of the resources you will come across each week in one location. I created this so if you want to find a certain video or document, you can come here instead of trying to remember which week you saw it in. If there is something you're looking for that isn't here, let me know and I'll make sure to add it.

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Week 1 Videos

Week 1 Videos

Week 2 Videos

Week 3 Videos


Self Assessment Checklists


Additional Docs

Beginnings, Middles and Ends Article

*note- this is an excerpt from the old blue pack- written for folks entering Level 2 but it's an excellent article for all levels

Week 4 Videos

Week 5 Video

Week 6 Videos

Week 7 Videos

No new videos for week 7

Week 8 Videos

Week 9 Videos

Week 10 Videos

Week 11 Videos

NW Savvy

Home of Molly Sanders

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