Video Coaching

My video coaching program is based on "best practices" in education (from my curriculum and development past). Our brains learn best with repetition, provoking thoughts, and time for reflection. With this in mind, I offer a "voice over" video coaching program. You'll record a video of yourself with your horse, I'll watch the video once and take notes, then I'll record a voice over on top of your video and will send a video with the voice over back to you. The value of doing it this way, versus watching it together is that you'll be able to watch it over again as many times as you'd like (repetition). You'll also get a chance to reflect on my feedback and formulate meaningful questions to ask during a phone call follow up. In addition to this, after you have a time to play with the feedback I've offered, you'll have the opportunity to send additional thoughts/ questions via email. I believe this form of coaching will offer you thorough feedback with continued support for you to maximize the progress with your horse.

Video Coaching Option 1:  $45


  • Video with voice over feedback from me

  • 30 min follow up phone call

  • 2 email follow ups

Video Coaching Option 2:  $60


  • Video with voice over feedback from me

  • 60 min follow up phone call

  • 3 email follow ups

How Does It Work? 


1. Decide which option you'd like. Note: You're welcome to start with Option 1 and then later upgrade to Option 2 if you need more time during the phone call.

2. Send me an email with information on:

  • Horse's name, age and horsenality (if known)?

  • What are your goals with your horse?

  • How would you like my help?


3. Submit payment:

Option 1 - $45

Option 2 - $60

4. Upload your video to youtube or other video uploading site (10 mins max.) If you aren't sure how to do this, here's a great video that will give you step by step instructions.


5. Once I receive the video (email me the link) and your payment, I'll send you an email to let you know I received it and will give you a date on when to expect the voice over video. My goal is to have the video back to you in 2 days or less, but if I'm traveling this may not be able to happen- I will do my best to get it back to you quickly.


6. I will watch your video one time through and take notes on what I see. I will then record a voice over on top of your video and will send this back to you. 


7. Watch your video and record any questions you have. You can then schedule a follow up phone call. Some people have benefitted from having at least one more session with their horse prior to the phone call so they can try out some of the ideas from the voice over. After our phone call, you will be able to send additional questions/thoughts via email.

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Molly Sanders - 3 Star Parelli Instructor