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Bridges to Success

Phase 2: Student Lessons

Spotlight on the Patterns

In the following lessons, Linda virtually coaches students who were originally scheduled to be a part of her live clinic in Washington State. Where the audio is hard to understand, there is text to help you. Jot down notes and leadership ideas in your Leadership Development Journal and add task ideas to your Session Planner (both in your Guidebook). Many of the videos have references to additional resources for further learning- you'll find these in the Additional Resources section

Michelle (LBE/RBE) and Ariel (RBE/LBE) - 35:09 

Level 2/3 Question Box

Cathy (RBI) and Lakota (LBI/E) - 25:51

Level 2 Point to Point and Follow the Rail

Hannah (RBI/E) and Lakota (LBI/E) - 9:52 

Level 2/3 Million Transitions

Spotlight on Bridling

Molly (RBE) and Lakota (LBI/E) - 22:02 

Improving Bridling: Getting to the Mind

Molly (RBE) and Lakota (LBI/E) - 3:05 

Reflection on Bridling Lesson: Horsenality

Spotlight on Warm Up and Posture Exercises

Molly (RBE) and Lakota (LBI/E) - 34:48 

Warm Up and Posture Exercises

Spotlight on Lead Changes Level 3-4

Molly (RBE) and Lakota (LBI/E) - 17:00 

Transitions- Barking Orders

Molly (RBE) and Lakota (LBI/E) - 16:02 

Bowtie Pattern

Molly (RBE) and Lakota (LBI/E) - 17:00 

ZigZag Pattern

Reflections on Flying Changes 3:02 

Spotlight on Finesse without Stress Level 3-4

Bit Simulations and Stretching 26:29 

Ride the Line 36:49

Supple Rein 17:06

Precision Box 15:55

NW Savvy

Home of Molly Sanders

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